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Down the filler, the Canada Goose Jacket most common being goose and duck down, both by color, can be divided into white cashmere and gray velvet. Down in the market according to price, order: white goose> gray goose> white duck> gray duck. May be affected by the price of the sort, and a lot of people would think that this sort of cashmere also in terms of quality, it is not. Down through the theoretical study and practical aspects of general experience,, same quality and quantity of cashmere goose down duvet warmth than fluffy degree better, but I think the quality is good or bad color jacket is no significant relationship.
As for why the white velvet will be expensive, I think the main reason is because white than gray velvet look good, no matter in a light or dark color fabrics which are not transparent; and gray velvet relatively pick, just down jacket can be placed dark fabrics. Taking into account the color of white light,Canada Goose Jackets suitable for a wider range of fabrics. The second reason: Cashmere fiber structure of reason. Its fibrous tissue contrast is fine, soft, long, fluffy fiber length it better and easier to keep warm.
Generally speaking, even larger, better quality and more mature birds, fluff, so to say goose fluff will be better. But goose and duck production process is the same, both in terms of quality, fluffy, warm and not too much on the poor. The most important reason expensive than duck goose, I believe that is far below the duck goose production - Canada Goose Jacket Outlet year produced only one season, duck can produce up to three quarters of the year.
Velvet jacket which contains the promoter and feathers.
Velvet child is free of ducks and geese and other waterfowl in between long neck to chest hair feather stems, often as a result of this part of the hair soaked in water, so not only has a waterproof, but also its ability to warm the cold is the body the best hair. In addition, because this part of the villi is no feather stems, very soft and fluffy and high fiber length, the smaller equivalent volume, is to produce the finest materials jacket.
Down in the feathers, is in addition to the above mentioned body hair on other parts of the hair, generally flaky, the middle feather stems. More Canada Goose Outlet limited degree of warmth feathers, no fluff good.